Emission Reduction in NZ

15 AUG 2022
The Greater Auckland site has a good article on Auckland Transport's plan for carbon reduction -
- Transport Emissions Reduction Pathway - or TERP.

Although the focus is on reducing carbon emissions there are a lot of safety and liveability elements to the plan. The obvious ones are a need to reduce freight movements by road, and a move towards electrified public transit.

Similar policies implemented in Christchurch would reduce congestion, pollution, and danger along Brougham Street.

The CCCs plan to reduce carbon emissions is not nearly as comprehensive, with no major policy on how to reduce emissions from commuter, and freight vehicles.

CCC - What's Our Way to Carbon Zero?

The biggest failure for both Waka Kotahi and CCC is that there is no real communication of the urgency, or drastic nature, of the changes everyone in our community has to make to ensure our way of moving around our city reduces the impact of climate change. As the most car intensive city in New Zealand, Christchurch needs to do more, sooner, and better.

The NZUP Brougham Street programme has fudged computer models of city-wide benefits that only assume business as usual (or projected increases) - we need change towards more sustainable modes. Note that the "Project Type" on the project page is called "Road Improvements" - not safety enhancements, or emissions reduction, or community capacity and development. The project is developing business as usual road improvements and then cloaking in these other terms.

Widening Brougham Street for more cars and trucks goes against the ERP - and will have an immediate adverse affect on local pollution, safety, and social equity.
By Hab3