10 APR 2022
When two roads meet at an angle the intersection can get crazy wide. This is a problem for pedestrians trying to cross them. But the solution is quite simple as the feature image shows. Narrow the intersection down and turn the traffic so that it enters closer to 90 degrees. This has several benefits.

- it reduces the distance that pedestrians need to cross to get to safety.
- it reduces the speed of vehicles turning into the intersection.
- it improves visibility for all users - both cars and pedestrians.

There is a very obvious location in my neighbourhood that is begging for just such a change - and it is opposite a school so children are regularly crossing here.

Our road engineers really have to look more to international examples and then have a hard look at their priorities - safer roads will mean better communities. I've mentioned it before - but my local road is 2-way but is only single laned most of the time due to pinch points, and parked cars. But this is never a problem - instead it is an opportunity for politeness and a wave to your neighbours.

When you slow the speeds down better, more human, interactions can take place. This brings joy and safety to our lives.
By Hab3