Open Source Modularity

25 MAY 2021
In 2020 I presented a concept for an Open Source approach to Prefabricated Modular Design - and the concept of an API or specified interfaces. It was more a thought-experiment than a concrete proposal but that allowed me to push the concept further and explore the potential.

But first I broke down some history of modularity, and compared modular construction to other more well known systems for comparison of how useful and ubiquitous they could become. Of most interest is the lessons learned from the Japanese Tatami Mat Module and how it has shaped the form of Traditional Japanese Homes.

The Youtube video is now available (updated with the current link). The presentation for the Singapore UX (user experience) Conference 2020 and was well attended at the time, though it had been intended as an in-person conference - but due to COVID it was transitioned online.

And as a UX conference it was cross disciplinary with many software engineers - so the talk uses analogies that would spark connection with them.
By Hab3