Formula E and the Future of cars

11 JAN 2020
Formula E is frivolous and unnecessary as much entertainment is - but will it help change minds of petrol heads towards more general purpose EVs?

CNN reports on a new frontier - off road racing. Given that range anxiety is one reason for some car drivers to shun EVs surely off road EV racing will sway them.

The premise of the series is to take electric SUVs to the most remote and extreme locations on the planet, from the destroyed rainforests of the Amazon to the Himalayas, and from the deserts of Saudi Arabia to the rising oceans affecting Senegal to raise awareness of the damage of climate change.

So petrol heads may be swayed, but the hope is that the rest of us shift to active modes like walking, or cycling - the health of our cities, and our health. A city full of electric cars is as dangerous to pedestrians, and good urban design, as any fossil fuelled car. But that the spectacle of off road rallying may continue even in a world without ICE cars is one that I welcome.
By Hab3