Road to Zero

18 FEB 2022
Waka Kotahi have a chilling new advert playing on TV in support of its Road to Zero campaign. I dearly hope that it is effective in communicating the real cost of speeding and the poor choices we make driving.

Some 40,000 people have died in vehicle accidents in New Zealand since motor vehicles arrived here 100+ years ago. But like the results of personal responsibility this number is hard to fathom - so the winnowing effect of a toll booth is appropriate.

The video is - Road to Zero - Booth 60 - well worth a look to consider the implications.

But not all accidents are caused by human error see - Who is to blame? - or rather humans are merely the last in a long line of mistakes. We need to keep up pressure on Waka Kotahi to design better roads, and to set and enforce better speed limits.
By Hab3