A Dry May in UK

15 JUN 2020
The United Kingdom is set to be the driest May on record, with huge demand combined with low rainfall levels. As the climate continues to shift business as usual is not enough - drastic changes need to be made to infrastructure and usage patterns throughout the world.

The COVID lockdown has meant more people are home to water the garden and to use water at home. This has shifted where water is used as well as the absolute amount - exactly the change that has exacerbated the shortage.

On the upside the weather has been sunny - so people are having a nicer summer... but that certainly has consequences. Steps need to be taken to change behaviour, and to secure water supplies and sources, whilst continuing to take action to reduce climate change.

Does the UK really need to effectively 'move' to Phoenix? - long called the United States' least sustainable city. More hot weather is coming so perhaps the UK will have to change its reputation as the country with 5 days of summer.
By Hab3